The University of Northern British Columbia is unique in its northern and regional mandate. It is a university "in and for the north" and it is committed to serve the needs of northern people and significantly amongst northern people, First Nations people.

Regional Programs is the prime agent within UNBC to fulfill the northern, regional and First Nations community mandates. Regional Programs will forge partnerships with other units of the University and with external partners to achieve those mandates.


  • Develop degree credit programs for northern communities and northern people
  • Deliver degree credit programs to communities in the UNBC region
  • Support the development of life long learning amongst northern people
  • Assist northern communities to broaden cultural experience and diversity
  • Assist in the transition of the northern economy
  • Assist First Nations communities in support of emerging self sufficiency and independence
  • Support the economic, cultural, social and environmental evolution of the north


  • Self sufficiency
  • Independence
  • Critical awareness
  • Learning for its own sake
  • Intellectual, social and cultural diversity
  • Democracy
  • Partnership and Relationship
  • Responsiveness
  • Respectfulness
  • Innovation
  • Excellence


  • Delivery of undergraduate and graduate programming throughout the north
  • Vigorous research programs in key areas of need to northerners
  • Become a citizen of the communities of the north
  • Make UNBC a presence in communities
  • Accessibility and equitability to UNBC services, staff, faculty and resources