Regional Programs MapThe University of Northern British Columbia is unique in its northern and regional mandate. It is a university "in and for the North" and it is committed to serve the needs of northern people and significantly amongst northern people, First Nations People. Regional Programs is the  prime agent within UNBC to fulfill the northern, regional and First Nations community mandates. Regional Programs will forge partnerships with other units of the University and with external partners to achieve those mandates.

UNBC is mandated to serve all of British Columbia with a special commitment to Northern BC. The Office of Regional Programs is responsible for the development and delivery of degree programs, courses and services to students throughout the UNBC region.

At present the University maintains three regional campuses to serve the Northwest, Peace River-Liard, and the South-Central regions. These offices provide program development, support to faculty, liaison with the local colleges, and assistance to students. The University also maintains a unique partnership arrangement with the Wilp Wilxo'oskwhl Nisga'a. The WWN offers course work, centered in the Nass Valley, leading to a Bachelor of Arts or a certificate in Nisga'a Studies.

In addition to regional campuses and programming, the Regional Programs department is also responsible for distance education activities at UNBC. Use of distance technologies such as videoconferencing, audioconferencing, and world wide web delivery significantly increases course opportunities for UNBC students. The Center for Teaching and Learning supports the technical aspects of Web delivery, and provides assistance to faculty using this technology at UNBC.