The mission of the Psychology Department at the University of Northern British Columbia is
"To develop and disseminate knowledge in psychology, emphasizing areas of relevance to the North, especially the understanding of human health, human development, and social well-being."
Welcome from the Chair
The Department of Psychology at UNBC focuses on health and developmental psychology. Currently, student and faculty researchers in our department study embodied cognition, positive psychology, ecological and conservation psychology, intercultural communication, and child psychology. Faculty and graduate students in Psychology participate in inter-disciplinary research through the Health Research Institute, the Natural Resources and Environmental Studies Institute, and the Community Development Institute.  We also have access to national survey data through a Statistics Canada Research Data Centre on the main campus. UNBC is known for close ties to the communities of northern British Columbia and this is particularly evident in our connection with Northern Health, the health authority serving Northern British Columbia. We hope you have fun exploring our web site. Please feel free to contact us if you have questions about what we do.  

Colloquium Series
Please see the Events tab to the left for the ongoing schedule of the colloquium series.

BSc Program
Psychology is the study of behaviour and mental processes. It focuses on identification of fundamental mechanisms and processes that regulate the behaviour and mental processes of organisms. The goal of the undergraduate Psychology program at the University of Northern British Columbia is to provide students with advanced knowledge in the substantive areas of psychology, emphasizing areas of particular need and relevance to psychological research directed at applied issues and human development. In addition, the program will provide training adequate to ensure students' competitiveness for advanced graduate study in Psychology. The total for the B.Sc. in Psychology (Major or Honours) is 122 credit hours. Note that Honours applications are due on the last day of exams of each term. (A Minor in Psychology is also available; see "Programs - Undergraduate" in the menu to the left.)

MSc Program
The MSc in Psychology at UNBC provides breadth in the substantive and methodological areas of Psychology, with a focus on health and human psychology. The MSc provides advanced research and experiential training so that graduates gain skills beneficial to academic and related areas.

PhD Program
In addition to the Graduate training goals of the MSc Program, the objective of the PhD program in Psychology is to develop scholars and researchers who can contribute to the larger body of scientific knowledge of psychology through research and have an advanced level of understanding of the psychological sciences including comprehensive knowledge of contemporary theory and evidence in Psychology and a high level of methodological expertise.
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