Graduate Students in Psychology

Graduate Students

Completed Student Theses

The following is a list of our graduate students who have successfully completed their Master's or PhD thesis, their thesis title, and their supervisor(s) within the department.

Houg, Vivian (MSc 2016). Resilient English Speaking Canadians: Predictors from the National Longitudinal Survey of Children and Youth (Dr. Cindy Hardy)

Newcombe, Philip Ian (MSc 2016). Effects of Emotional Experience in Abstract and Concrete Word Processing (Dr. Paul Siakaluk)

Olynick, Janna (MSc 2016). Organizational Culture and its Relationship with Employee Stress, Productivity, and Enjoyment of Work (Dr. Han Li)

Kaseweter, Kimberley (MSc 2015). Insensitivity to Suffering: the Relation of Psychopathic Traits to Somatic Processing, First-Person and Third-Person Pain (Dr. Ken Prkachin)

Klassen-Ross, Tammy (PhD 2014). Pain Expression in Mild Cognitive Impairment: Its Relation to Frontal Lobe Involvement in Non-Verbal Pain Exprssion (Dr. Ken Prkachin)

Pryor, Todd (MSc 2014). Self-Reflective Identity Processing and Psychological Maturity: Examining the Link Between Identity and Wisdom (Dr. Sherry Beaumont)

Struthers, Lynda (PhD 2014). Text Generation Processes in the Development of Written Cohesion: The Contribution of Semantics and Syntax (Dr. William Owen)

Rizkalla, Mireille (PhD 2014). Cognitive Training in the Rural Elderly: A Randomized Trial to Evaluate the Efficacy and Accessibility of a New Approach (Dr. Cindy Hardy)

Browne, M. Erin (MSc 2014). Self-Perception of Affect Expression (Dr. Ken Prkachin)

Montbriand, Janice (PhD 2013). Brain Injury in Seniors in British Columbia: Its Relationship to Depression and Chronic Pain - Incidence, Antecedents, and Consequences. (Dr. Ken Prkachin)

Rollings, Crystal (MSc 2013). Heart to Heart: Connecting Empathy, Attachment, and Physiology. (Dr. Cindy Hardy, Dr. Ken Prkachin)

Seaton, Cherisse (PhD 2013). The Role of Positive Emotions and Ego-Resilience in Personal Strivings. (Dr. Sherry Beaumont)

McHugh, Gabrielle (PhD 2012). An Examination of the Influence of Culture, Climate, and Leadership as Drivers of a Healthy Workplace. (Dr. Stephen Cronshaw)

Aguilera Rodríguez, Laura, Ma. de Jesús (PhD 2011). Spelling: Processes and Strategies in Print and Computer Formats. (Dr. William Owen)

Annabel Levesque (PhD 2011). Conceptions of Health: A Cross-Cultural Comparison. (Dr. Han Li)

Rizkalla, Mireille (MSc 2011). Examining Visuo-Spatial/Visuo-Motor Training Program to Induce Cognitive Change in Acute Post-Stroke Recovery (Dr. William Tippett)

Stickle, Kelly (MSc 2011). People With Pets: Understanding the Influence of Human-Companion Animal Attachment on Empathy and Resilient Coping in Adulthood (Dr. Cindy Hardy)

Sroczynski, Weronika  (MSc 2010). Hostility: Individual differences in cognitive processes. (Dr. Ken Prkachin)

Rash, Josh (MSc 2010). Respiratory Sinus Arrhythmia During Episodes of Relived Sadness: The Role of Emotional Intelligence and Affect Intensity. (Dr. Ken Prkachin)

Bruser, Rebecca (MSc 2010). The Link Between Identity Processing Style and Compassionate Love: Are Mindfulness and Self-Compassion Key Components? (Dr. Sherry Beaumont)

Ross, Joan (PhD 2010). Social Competence in Early Childhood: The Role of Pain, Health, and Parenting Style (Dr. Ken Prkachin)

Smith, Denys (MSc 2010). Exploring Predictors of Tobacco Use During Pregnancy in Northern British Columbia: Barriers to Conducting Tobacco Research (Dr. Ken Prkachin)

Wellsby, Michele (MSc 2010). The Role of Knowledge Gained Through Bodily Experience in the Processing of Insults (Dr. Paul Siakaluk)

Tillotson, Sherri (MSc 2009). Social Competence: Cardiovascular Activity and Humour as a Meditating Mechanism (Dr. Ken Prkachin)

Klassen-Ross, Tammy (MSc 2009). Communication of Pain and Anxiety Between Mothers and Infants During Routine Immunization Procedures (Dr. Ken Prkachin)

Burnett, Nicole (MSc 2009). Can the Magnitude of the Belief-Bias in Causal Reasoning be Attenuated Through the Manipulation of Content? (Dr. Paul Siakaluk)

Chen, Yia-In (MSc 2008).  Alcohol Consumption And Health Status In Older Middle-Aged And Elderly Persons:  Findings From A Longitudinal National Population Health Survey (Dr. Cindy Hardy)

Seaton, Cherisse (MSc 2008). The Link Between Identity Style And Intimacy Balance: Does Emotional Intelligence Provide The Key? (Dr. Sherry Beaumont)

Shepherd, Karen (MSc 2008). Levels of Emotional Awareness Scale Scores as Predictors of Interactive Behavior: A Validation Study. (Dr. Kenneth Prkachin)

Stuart, Jody (MSc 2008) Connection, Community, And Belonging:  Early Relationship Experiences in The Lives Of Women With A History of Sexual Exploitation (Dr. Loraine Lavallee)

Montbriand, Janice (MSc 2007). The Effects of Patient Anger on Treatment and Appraisal of Chronic Pain: A Simulation Study. (Dr. Ken Prkachin)

Pearson, Thomas (MSc 2007). Emotional Responses to Casual Sex Experiences: The Roles of Sexual Motives and Romantic Attachment Styles. (Dr. Sherry Beaumont)

Quinlan, Loriann (MSc 2007). Implementing Modified Interaction Guidance as a Treatment for Disrupted Parental Communication in Prince George: A Case Study. (Dr. Cindy Hardy)

Wilson, Chantelle (MSc 2007). Screening for Success: Evaluating Reliability for a Screening Tool for Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders in Adulthood. (Dr. Cindy Hardy)

Abraham, Velma (MSc 2006). An Investigation into the Needs of Parents with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder. (Dr. Cindy Hardy)

Hatch, Maurine (MSc 2006) . The Contentment with Life Assessment Scale (CLAS): A Measure of Self-Reported Life Satisfaction. (Dr. Loraine Lavallee)

Boonstra, Jacqueline (MSc 2005). Conversational Styles and Personality Characteristics in Women’s Close Friendships and Acquaintance Relationships. (Dr. Sherry Beaumont)

Bowers, Capreece (MSc 2005). Mother-Daughter Communicative Relationships During Adolescence and Early Adulthood. (Dr. Sherry Beaumont)

Pratt, Michael (MSc 2005). Identity Processing Style and Sex-Role Identity Predict Relationship Style and Psychosocial Balance. (Dr. Sherry Beaumont)

Casey, Catherine (MSc 2004). The Experience of Alexithymia: A Thematic Analysis of an MSN Online Group. (Dr. Ken Prkachin)

Nordstokke, David (MSc 2004). Differences in Facial Expressions, Cardiovascular Activity, and Self-Reported Levels of Emotion Between Anxious and Non-Anxious People. (Dr. Glenda Prkachin)

Spaulding, Louise (MSc 2004). A Structural Equation Model of Alcohol Misuse Among Clients of the Healthiest Babies Possible Program. (Dr. Ken Prkachin)

Goharriz Desroches, Nagmeh (MSc 2003). Communication Patterns and Satisfaction in Medical Interviews. (Dr. Han Li)

Wagner, Shannon (PhD 2002). Emotional Expression in Adolescent-Parent Communication. (Dr. Sherry Beaumont)

Orlando, Julie (MSc 2001). Music in the Brain: Differences Between Musicians and Non-Musicians. (Dr. Glenda Prkachin)

Vike, Evan (MSc 2001). Incarcerated Youth and the Identification of Posed Facial Expressions of Emotion. (Dr. Glenda Prkachin)

Deyo, Kathleen (MSc 2000). Development Differences in the Ability to Recognize Facial Expression of Pain. (Dr. Ken Prkachin)

Hemingway, Dawn (MSc 2000). Performance on the Geriatric Learning and Memory Battery by Persons with Mild and Moderate Alzheimer’s Disease. (Dr. Anita Hubley)

Hewlett, Maureen (MSc 2000). Adherence to the Step-Wise Interview. (Dr. Cindy Hardy)

Hoff, Michael (MSc 2000). Repeated Presentation of Suboptimal Stimuli and Subsequent "Affective" Responses. (Dr. Glenda Prkachin)

Lundquist, Linda (MSc 2000). The Role of Context in Observer's Reactions to Pain. (Dr. Nancy Higgins)

Roberts, Ira "Wayne" (MSc 2000). Cognitive Interviewing. (Dr. Phil Higham)

Verde, Mitch (MSc 2000). Are Native men and women accessing the health care facilities? Findings from a small Native Reserve. (Dr. Han Li)

Cochrane, Bob (MSc 1999). Paralinguistic Cues in the Speech of Withdrawn Children. (Dr. Sherry Beaumont)

Morrison, Melanie (MSc 1999). The Development & Validation of the Modern Homonegativity Scale. (Dr. Nancy Higgins)

O'Keefe, Colleen (MSc 1999). An Examination of the Communicative Competence of Children and Officers in Forensic Interviews. (Dr. Cindy Hardy)

Wagner, Shannon (MSc 1999). Substance Use During Pregnancy: A Social Competency Intervention Program with Adolescents. (Dr. Sherry Beaumont)

Zukanovic, Ray (MSc 1999). Identity Development in Men and its Relation to Psychosocial Distress and Self-concept. (Dr. Sherry Beaumont)

Graham, Reiko (MSc 1998). Visual Discrimination of Facial Expressions of Emotion. (Dr. Glenda Prkachin)

Hay, Jana (MSc 1998). A Psychometric Analysis of the Attributional Style Questionnaire. (Dr. Nancy Higgins)

Rocha, Elizabete (MSc 1998). Pain Reactivity and Illness Behavior in Kindergarten Aged Children. (Dr. Ken Prkachin, Dr. Sherry Beaumont)

Frood, Jennifer (MSc 1997). Congruence and Well-Being in a Student Sample; An Investigation using the Experience Sampling Method. (Dr. Ken Prkachin)

Parker, Philippa (MSc 1997). Emotion Processing Alexithymia. (Dr. Ken Prkachin, Dr. Glenda Prkachin)

Pope, Gregory (MSc 1997). Nonparametric Item Response Modeling & Gender Differential Item Functioning of the Eysenck Personality Questionnaire. (Dr. Bruno Zumbo)

Shaw, Joanne (MSc 1996). Attributional Style in Helping Situations. (Dr. Nancy Higgins)

Watson, Jackie-Ellen (MSc 1997). Responsibility Judgments and Stigmas: Does Depression Matter? (Dr. Nancy Higgins)