Positive Work and Learning Environments: Contact Us

If you have experienced or witnessed an incident involving harassment, bullying, discrimination, or violence please contact us for support.

Contacts for Faculty and Staff

Kerry Roberts

Director, Human Resources - Recruitment, Positive Work Environments
Email: kerry.roberts@unbc.ca
Phone: 250-960-5576
Office: Charles J. McCaffray Hall, Prince George Campus (ADM-1038)

Contact for Students

Amelia Kaiser

Director, Student Affairs
Email: amelia.kaiser@unbc.ca
Phone: 250-960-6311

Contact for Sexual Assault, Violence and Security Incidents

Sarah Elliott

Director, Safety and Security, Risk & Safety
Email: sarah.elliott@unbc.ca
Phone: 250-960-5535
Office: Agora Building, Prince George Campus (AGO-7-232)