Geoffrey Payne

Dr. Geoffrey Payne
PhD (Physiology) Vice President, Research and Graduate Programs, UNBC Professor, Physiology
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Dr. Payne is currently the Interim Vice President of Research at UNBC. Dr. Payne is a Professor in the field of vascular physiology at the University of Northern BC (UNBC). Dr. Payne came to UNBC in June 2004 as founding faculty of the medical school following a post-doctoral fellowship at Yale University in the Department of Cellular and Molecular Physiology and John B. Pierce Laboratory. Dr. Payne holds a Ph.D. from Memorial University of Newfoundland in the field of cardiovascular and renal physiology. In addition to his biomedical research, Dr. Payne has an active research program in medical education in which his interests include curriculum, assessment and admissions

Research and Expertise

My laboratory is focused on understanding how the normal mechanisms that regulate blood flow within the microcirculation of various vascular beds are impacted by inflammation and inflammation associated diseases such as Cardiovascular, Diabetes and Alzheimer’s. Widespread vasculature running throughout the body acting as a continuous network for the movement of nutrients, oxygen, immune cells, waste products, etc., and as such is a vital physiological component to maintain normal body function. Microvascular dysfunction has been shown to be a contributing factor to numerous disease processes and in reverse, many diseases have devastating effects on microvascular physiology (ex. Aging, atherosclerosis) and in particular associated inflammation. We evaluate the molecular pathways controlling vascular physiology and facilitating micovascular dysfunction in such disease processes are complex. Therefore, in general goal of my laboratory is understanding the inflammatory-associated changes in the vascular physiology of the microcirculation gain insight into disease processes and thereby provide the basis upon which to develop new vascular-based therapeutic interventions.

Selected Publications

Diane, A., Payne G.W, Gray, S.L. (2014) Multifaces of pituitary adenylate cyclase-activating polypeptide (PACAP): From neuroprotection, energy homeostasis to respiratory and cardiovascular diseases. Journal of Metabolic Syndrome 3(4)
Sellers SL, Iwasaki A, Payne G.W (2013) Nitric Oxide and TNFα Are Critical Regulators of Reversible Lymph Node Vascular Remodeling and Adaptive Immune Response. PLoS ONE 8(4):
Kumamoto Y, Mattei L.M., Sellers S.L., Payne G.W. and Iwasaki A. CD4+ T cells support cytotoxic T lymphocyte priming by controlling lymph node input. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 108(21) 8749-54, 2011
Sellers S.L., Payne G.W. Intravital miscroscopy of the inguinal lymph node. Journal of Visualized Experiments 4(50), 2011
Payne G.W. Effect of inflammation on the aging microcirculation: impact on blood flow control in skeletal muscle. Microcirculation 13(4) 315-324, 2006.

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Post-Doctoral Fellow:
Yale University & John B Pierce Laboratory (Cell Physiology)
PhD Memorial University (Cardiovascular & Renal Physiology)
MSc Memorial University (Neuroscience & Pharmacology)
BSc Memorial University (Behavioral Neuroscience)