Graduate Student Supervision

Profiles and Information about Dr. Parkes' Research Team, including Post-docs and Research Associates can be found on the Research Team website.


Bianca MichellBianca Michell
M.Sc. Community Health Sciences Student
Co-Supervisors: Dr. Margot Parkes and Dr. Henry Harder
Thesis Topic: Differences in Perceptions of Diabetes between diabetics and non-diabetics

Shayna DolanShayna Dolan
M.Sc. Community Health Sciences Student
BTR Hons. (Therapeutic Recreation), Douglas College
Supervisors: Dr. Margot Parkes and Dawn Hemingway
Thesis Topic: Women’s Health in Rural and Remote Resource-based Communities

Kate HewittKate Hewitt
MNRES Student
BA (Geography), University of Victoria
Supervisor: Dr. Margot Parkes
Committee: Agnes Pawlowska-Mainville and Scott Emmons
Thesis Topic: Exploring Connections between Indigenous/settler collaboration

Katie CornishKatie Cornish
M.Sc. Health Sciences Student
B.HSc (Community Population Health-Environmental Health), UNBC
Supervisors: Dr. Margot Parkes and Dr. Henry Harder
Thesis Topic: TBA

Ethan McLeanEthan McLean
Interdisciplinary Studies student
Supervisors: Dr. Margot Parkes
Thesis Topic: TBA

Nadia NowakNadia Nowak
MNRES Student
BPl (Northern and Rural Community Planning), UNBC
Supervisor: Dr. Annie Booth and Dr. Margot Parkes
Thesis Topic: TBA

  Joseph Gothreau Joseph Gothreau
  MNRES Student
  BA (Philosophy/English), University of New Brunswick; BA (Environmental Studies), Mount Allison University
  Supervisor: Dr. Stephen Déry and Dr. Margot Parkes
  Thesis Topic: Climate change implications for ecosystems and well-being: developing effective geospatial knowledge translation exchange tools in the Nechako River Basin

Past Students

Carling Carling Matthews
BA Outdoor Recreation & Nature-Based Tourism Management, UNBC
Supervisor: Dr. Pamela Wright
Committee Members: Dr. Phillip Mullins & Dr. Margot Parkes
Thesis topic: Exploring the connections between outdoor recreation, nature, and well-being in Vanderhoof, BC.

Pouyan  Mahboubi Pouyan Mahboubi
PhD in Natural Resources and Environmental Studies, UNBC
M.Sc. Environmental Biology, U of Guelph
Co-Supervisors: Dr. Laurie Chan and Dr. Margot Parkes
Committee Members:, Dr. Neil Hanlon, Dr. Craig Stephens, Dr. Peter McMillan
Topic: Development of a scoping tool to characterize the social-ecological importance of marine locations on the Pacific North Coast of BC                                                                         Email:                                                                                                                          

Lindsay GalwayLindsay Galway
PhD in Health Sciences (Simon Fraser University)
Supervisor: Dr. Tim Takaro
Committee Members: Dr. Margot Parkes, Dr. Diana Allen
Topic: Linking climate change, water, and public health: An interdisciplinary exploration with implications for research and action

Chris RoseChris Rose
B.A. (Environmental Studies), McGill University
Supervisor: Dr. Margot Parkes
Committee Members: Dr. Annie Booth, Dr. Phil Owens
Thesis topic: Evaluating community-based watershed governance arrangements in BC

Julia RussellJulia Russell
M.Sc. Community Health Sciences
B.Sc. Hons. (Environmental Science and International Development), University of Toronto
Supervisor: Dr. Margot Parkes
Committee Members: Dr. Neil Hanlon, Dr. Theresa Healy
Thesis Title: Consuming Connections: Experiences of Food Systems during times of Homelessness in Prince George, BC.                                                                                                   Email:
Link to thesis                                                                                                                           

Jessica MadridJessica Madrid
M.Sc. Community Health Sciences
B.Sc. (Nursing), UNBC
Supervisor:Dr. Margot Parkes
Committee Members: Dr. Peter McMillan, Dr. Neil Hanlon
Thesis topic: Integrating an Ecosystem Approach to Health within the Public Health Domain

Alissa MacMullinAlissa MacMullin
B.HSc Honours in Biomedical Studies
Supervisor: Dr Margot Parkes
Honours Thesis Topic: Communities and Health in Living Landscapes: Linking Outdoor Recreation and Health in Northern British Columbia
Link to thesis

Esther TongEsther Tong
Graduate Student Intern
MPH (Health Promotion), University of Toronto – Dalla Lana School of Public Health
B.Tech (Environmental Health), British Columbia Institute of Technology
B.Sc (Animal Biology), University of British Columbia
Academic Advisor: Dr. Blake Poland, Associate Professor - DLSPH
Research Interests: Dynamics of resource-based economies in Northern BC on the determinants of health, opportunities for collaboration between environmental health movements and public health, environmental health promotion

Joanna PatersonJoanna Paterson
M.Sc. Community Health Sciences
BASc. (Nutrition), Ryerson University
Supervisor: Dr Neil Hanlon
Committee members: Dr. Margot Parkes, Dr. Dave Snadden
Thesis topic: The impact of the Northern Medical Program on the recruitment and retention of physicians in Northern BC
Email: paters8@unbc                                   

Lindsay BeckLindsay Beck
M.Sc. Community Health Sciences
B.Sc. (Biological Sciences), University of Alberta
Supervisor: Dr. Margot Parkes
Committee Members: Dr. Scott Green and Dr. Sarah de Leeuw
Thesis Title: The Connections between Land and Wellbeing for First Nations Youth in the community of Saik'uz
Link to thesis                                    

Leanna Garraway Leanna Garraway
M.A Interdisciplinary Studies
Supervisor: Dr. Neil Hanlon
Committee Members: Dr. Margot Parkes and Paul Michell
Thesis Title: Knowledge to Action- First Nations Engagement with Research for Community Benefit

Hilary McGregorHilary McGregor
M.Sc. Community Health Sciences
Supervisor: Dr. Sarah de Leeuw
Committee Members: Dr. Margot Parkes, Dr. Candida Graham
Thesis Title: Envisioning Change Prince George Women's Experiences of
Substance Abuse and Mental Health Through Photography
Project website: