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If you are currently an ORTM student, or are thinking about studying with ORTM -- you'll find details on these pages about Areas of Specialization, special course options and all sorts of other important details. This is also a great place to feature some examples from recent courses and field work and update you on events and activities happening in the program. Please follow the links below for information on each of the related topics.

ORTM Degrees and Specializations

The faculty and students in ORTM tend to share some key attributes.

  1. We are very passionate about the outdoors! The faculty have been affected in profound ways through our interactions with nature; indeed, we decided to study, research and teach ORTM due to these incredible personal experiences.
  2. We want to ensure that the natural environment is used in a sustainable manner: we feel it’s imperative that outdoor recreation and tourism not destroy the very thing that attracts people in the first place (beautiful, ecologically healthy landscapes).
  3. We are passionate about sharing both the positive and negative aspects of ORTM with others.  

ORTM focuses on studying recreation and tourism activities that occur in natural environments from an interdisciplinary perspective. This means that in both the degrees offered in ORTM – the B.Sc. in Natural Resources Management (Major in Outdoor Recreation and Conservation) and the B.A. in Nature Based Tourism Management – you will be studying outdoor recreation, conservation and tourism from a variety of perspectives and disciplines. For example, we will talk about ecological, social, cultural and economic impacts of outdoor recreation, conservation and nature based tourism; the psychological impacts of pursuing these types of experiences; and planning and management issues related to these activities and their impacts. In addition, you will also do these activities and have these experiences through field trips and field courses. Northern British Columbia provides an unparalleled setting for learning, teaching, and researching the various aspects of outdoor recreation, conservation and nature based tourism planning and management.

BSc Natural Resource Management: Major in Outdoor Recreation and Conservation (ORC)

The BSc-ORC focuses on the natural and social dimensions of outdoor recreation and conservation planning and management within an integrated natural resource management framework. Emphasis is placed on planning and managing environmentally and culturally sensitive recreation opportunities. Four areas of specialization allow students to focus on aspects they feel passionate about:

  • Environmental Design and Planning
  • Conservation Education
  • Natural Science
  • Applications of Recreation and Tourism

BA Nature Based Tourism Management (NBTM)

The BA-NBTM degree reflects the recent growth in nature based tourism, which comprises attractions, activities and experiences involving interaction with natural and cultural resources (e.g., ecotourism, adventure tourism, indigenous tourism). This degree examines the various components of the nature-based tourism system, giving emphasis to the entrepreneurial perspectives and sustainability issues in the industry. Again, there are four areas of specialization provided in this degree, allowing students to choose the area which most interests them and which reflects the career choices:

  • Marketing and Entrepreneurship
  • Outdoor Education and Leadership
  • Indigenous Cultural Tourism
  • Environment and Society