Photo Reminder for Members

July 24, 2019
NSC Member UPdate

As we continue the process of updating member accounts, all members must have a photo on file with us by September 15, 2019.  

Member photos are a requirement of our membership agreement. They are taken for safety and security reasons such as if we need to locate or account for you in the facility. A photo also ensures your membership/access FOB isn't being used by others. 

Your photo is for internal use only and is taken by our Front Desk staff. 

If we do not have your photo on file by September 15, your account will be inactivated.  Once we take your photo we will re-activate your account. 

We encourage members to have their photo taken in advance of the September 15 deadline. Long line-ups are common in that busy month as everyone returns after the summer break!

If you have any questions please speak with our Front Desk staff.   Thank you for your support as we work to serve you better!