Our Priorities

UNBC’s excellence is derived from community-inspired research, hands-on learning, and alumni who are leading change around the world.

Our areas of strength include resource management, healthy communities, engineering and technology.

Our leadership focus is in three areas:

Strengthen research and teaching excellence

Every day, UNBC professors and students are racing to advance knowledge and translate ideas into practical solutions for Northern B.C. and beyond.

Our efforts are impacting lives, strengthening communities and breaking down barriers. Continuing to grow our grassroots efforts to revitalize B.C.’s and Canada’s North through education and research is a priority of our University and a cornerstone of the Campaign.

Inspire next-generation leaders

With an excellent reputation and track record for educating next-generation leaders, UNBC is well equipped to respond to critical leadership needs and skills shortages in Northern B.C. and around the world.

Create local solutions with global impact

Being connected to the needs, issues and challenges of our region is critical to our success — and this has given us a responsibility to build upon our achievements and share them broadly.

Gifts to this priority will help us deepen our community partnerships and support unique projects that have a positive local impact and resonate internationally.