Campaign Results

A generation ago, the challenges faced by British Columbia’s North were clear — enterprising and promising young leaders were leaving the region, compromising the future of industries and communities.

Today, through our first-class research and scholarship, UNBC is transforming the region while tackling issues that are important far beyond our boundaries.

Because of our achievements in this first generation, UNBC has become a promising influence over the region’s, nation’s and planet’s future.

This is why we’re launching the $15 million Northern Leadership Campaign for UNBC. Our most ambitious fundraising effort to date, this Campaign will strengthen UNBC’s leadership for the next generation, while empowering economic, social and cultural prosperity.

UNBC has both an opportunity and a responsibility to continue to grow its reach and drive positive change nationally and internationally, while never losing sight of the critical and unique needs of our region. The Northern Leadership Campaign is both a celebration of our first 25 years and the realization of our unparalleled capacity to build a University that is having a transformational effect across Canada.

We are ready to embark on our second quarter century by strengthening our impact in Northern B.C. and scaling up our efforts to change lives here, across Canada and globally. We must educate more outstanding students so that they are prepared to lead, while we intensify practical research in partnership with institutions and communities worldwide.

UNBC’s excellence is derived from community-inspired research, hands-on learning, and alumni who are leading change around the world.

Our areas of strength include resource management, healthy communities, engineering and technology.

Our leadership focus is in three areas:

  • Strengthen research and teaching excellence
  • Inspire next-generation leaders
  • Create local solutions with global impact