Researchers Participate in Report on Canadian Health Care

February 23, 2018
Margo Greenwood, Nadine Caron and Sarah de Leeuw
UNBC researchers Dr. Margo Greenwood, Dr. Nadine Caron and Dr. Sarah de Leeuw have all contributed to a special series in The Lancet, looking at Canada's leadership in health care.

Three University of Northern British Columbia faculty members have contributed to a special Canada-focused series published by The Lancet, a world-renowned UK-based medical journal. 

Dr. Nadine Caron, an affiliate UNBC faculty member with the Northern Medical Program, is one of the co-authors of the series which explores Canada’s status as a global health leader and includes a call to action to address national issues such as health disparities between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people and health system reform.

“How successfully Canadians address social cohesion at home will form the foundation for an expanded role internationally,” says Caron, who co-authored a paper titled Canada’s universal health-care system: achieving its potential. “Canada’s capacity and credibility, as a global health leader, derive directly from how well diversity is championed at home.” 

UNBC First Nations Studies and Education Professor Dr. Margo Greenwood and UNBC Geography and Northern Medical Program Associate Professor Dr. Sarah de Leeuw along with Nicole Lindsay, a research associate at the National Collaborating Centre for Aboriginal Health at UNBC are co-authors on one of the commentaries, titled Challenges in health equity for Indigenous peoples in Canada, included in the report.

“This special series highlights many of Canada’s remarkable achievements in health care, while also identifying existing challenges, potential solutions and new opportunities for innovation and reform,” says Greenwood.  We must develop constructive collaborations and identify strategies to address contemporary realties.”

The special series also includes commentary from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Dr. Jane Philpott, federal Minister for Indigenous Services.

“This special series raises complex issues about health inequality for Indigenous peoples in Canada. It will take courage and tenacity to address these challenges by changing power imbalances, building relationships and focusing on holistic care,” de Leeuw says.

The report is being published as Canada begins its rotation as president of the G7, a group of large, industrialized nations.

“These papers and commentaries demonstrate the power of collaboration as researchers from different disciplines join together to share their knowledge and expertise on important national and global issues,” says UNBC President Dr. Daniel Weeks. “The Lancet has a substantial global readership and this special series will play an important role in showcasing the successes and analyzing where reform is needed in Canada’s health-care system.”