Things are abuzz at UNBeeC

The UNBeeC beekeeping program has been up and running since 2010. The apiary (bee yard) in parking lot C is where local beekeeper and owner of the beehives, Gerry Bomford, has taken volunteers under his wing to teach them the essentials of beekeeping.

With the help of the Green Fund, the apiary will be expanded with new beehives. This expansion will aid the pollination of more plants around campus, provide a more reliable source of honey, and create an interesting learning opportunity to increase awareness of pollinators and their role in food sustainability and healthy ecosystems.

It is unfortunate that beekeeping is becoming more difficult as there are many challenges facing honeybee populations on a global scale. The UNBeeC beekeepers are optimistic that bee populations may thrive for generations.  A few ways to help save bees include avoiding the use of pesticides, growing bee-friendly plants, supporting local beekeepers, or even becoming a beekeeper yourself!

Contact Information

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