Dr. Kevin Hall

Dr. Kevin Hall
Kevin Hall, Ph.D., D.Sc.
University of the Orange Free State, 1978 (Ph.D., Geology)
University of Natal, 2002 (D.Sc., Geography)
Reading University (M.Phil., Geography) 
Swansea University (BA, Spec. single Hons, Geography)

Geography Program 
New Lab Building 8-331
University of Northern British Columbia
3333 University Way
Prince George, British Columbia, Canada
V2N 4Z9
Phone: (250) 960-5864
Fax: (250) 960-5538

Cold regions; Antarctica; Africa; Tibet; Laboratory simulations; High-frequency data; Zoogeomorphology

Research interests in weathering in cold regions. Studies undertaken in Antarctica, South America, Africa, Tibet and the Arctic. Additional interests in sorted patterned ground and zoogeomorphology. Specialised studies on mechanical weathering processes, especially thermal stress, freeze-thaw, and wetting and drying. Additional studies on biological weathering processes associated with endolithic and chasmolithic organisms. In addition to field studies, computer-controlled laboratory simulations, based on field data, are also undertaken. Special interests in non-destructive ultrasonic testing and the use of micro-transducers with high-frequency data acquisition. Present studies include use of a computer-controlled freezing stage to replicate Antarctic rock temperatures in order to investigate grain-scale thermal conditions through the use of micro-thermocouples set in individual sand grains. Other studies include real time investigations of chemical weathering by means of XRD analysis during thermal and moisture cycling. Investigations of weathering synergies involving chasmo- and endo- lithic organisms and processes are being undertaken.