Dr. Nathan Andrews

Dr. Nathan Andrews
Assistant Professor, Department of Global & International Studies
PhD – University of Alberta
MA – Brock University
BA – University of Ghana

Office:       Admin 3034
Tel:            250-960-5768
Email:       nathan.andrews@unbc.ca
Website:   https://unbc.academia.edu/NathanAndrews

At the moment, I am completing the research that formed the basis of my Banting postdoctoral fellowship. The focus of the project is on the socio-economic and political ramifications of oil and gas development in Ghana. With this background on Ghana, I seek to include two additional countries after which the project would be written up as a book manuscript for possible publication. In the meantime, I am also working with Dr. Jesse Ovadia (University of Windsor) and Dr. Andrew Grant (Queen’s University) to edit a volume based on a SSHRC-sponsored workshop organized in September 2017 titled, Mobilizing Canadian Knowledge on Natural Resource-Based Development in Africa. This project is preceded by another edited book under review with the University of Toronto Press, which was also an offshoot of a workshop co-organized at Queen’s University in May 2016 with a focus on Canada’s role in Africa’s natural resource sectors. In addition to my PhD work, all these ongoing projects reinforce my interest in the international political economy of natural resource extraction although I have a number of other related and varied research interests. I will be happy to work with students who have an interest in any of these areas of research.   

Courses Taught:
  • INTS 498/698 - International Regimes
  • INTS 700 - Research Methods
Research Interests:
  • Global governance and regimes
  • International political economy of natural resource extraction
  • Business ethics and corporate social responsibility
  • Development agendas for Sub-Saharan African countries
  • Community development issues (i.e. livelihoods, poverty, social justice)
Recent Publications:
  1. Andrews, Nathan (2018). “Land versus Livelihoods: Community Perspectives on Dispossession and Marginalization in Ghana’s Mining Sector.” Resources Policy (in press).
  2. Andrews, Nathan and Chilenye Nwapi (2018). “Bringing the State Back in Again? The Emerging Developmental State in Africa’s Energy Sector.” Energy Research & Social Science 41: 48-58.2017.
  3. Nwapi, Chilenye and Nathan Andrews (2017). “A ‘New’ Developmental State in Africa? Evaluating Recent State Interventions vis-à-vis Resource Extraction in Kenya, Tanzania, and Rwanda.” McGill Journal of Sustainable Development Law Vol. 13(2): 223-267
  4. 2017. “Normative Spaces and the UN Global Compact for Transnational Corporations: The Norm Diffusion Paradox,” accepted and forthcoming in Journal of International Relations & Development.
  5. 2017. “What/Who Is Still Missing in International Relations (IR) Scholarship? Situating Africa as an Agent in IR Theorizing.” (with Isaac Odoom), Third World Quarterly Vol.38(1): 42-60.
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