Student Success

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The Student Success project is aimed at identifying student success priorities that align with the Strategic Road Map and respond to the Academic Action Plan Recommendations. Discussions will explore recruitment and retention strategies, transition programming for newly admitted high school, transfer and unique student populations (i.e. Indigenous, International and mature); experiential learning programming; and requirements for creating a Library of the Future and Learning Commons.

The primary outcome of this project will be a Student Success Priorities Road Map that aligns with UNBC’s Strategic Road Map and recommendations from the Academic Action Plan, and identifies the key directions and priorities for implementation.

Current projects include: 

Library and Learning Commons of the Future

Purpose and Outcomes:

The Library and Learning Commons of the Future project is aimed at understanding how the Geoffrey R. Weller Library can support UNBC teaching, learning and research for the next 25 years. Changes in teaching and learning practices, shifts in scholarly communication and changes in access to research have all impacted the role of the library in academia. Libraries are shifting from their traditional role as a repository of knowledge to a service-centered focus. The library is a place where patrons can engage with learning and research through collaborative spaces that combine technology, student support, content creation, meetings, reading and study. 

Project Lead: Dan Ryan, Provost and Vice-President Academic
Project Manager: Heather Empey, Interim University Librarian

Timeline: November 2018 to February 2019

Priority 1: Attract, retain and develop outstanding students, faculty and staff
Priority 4: Ensure financial accountability, sustainability and operational effectiveness

Reference: Academic Action Plan
Part 1 University Direction – Strengths, Enrolment, Research 1.1, 1.2
Part 3 Innovate 3.1 – 3.5