Inspiring Women Among Us 2018: Women, Leadership, and Power

The theme this year is Women, Leadership & Power. This theme reflects many discussions and events currently unfolding around the world, about gender, power, privilege, and how best to move society forward in an equitable and just way.

We will begin IWAU with flag raisings at both City Hall and at UNBC. We will showcase a range of leaders, activities, films, workshops, and talks meant to get us thinking in new ways about positions of power, gender, and improved power sharing in our society.

What is “Inspiring Women Among Us?”

Inspiring Women Among Us was started by Drs. Zoë Meletis and Annie Booth, in 2015. It relies on an amazing array of volunteers, community partners, and other contributors.  It is an annual series of events/celebration leading up to the December 6th National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women.

For several years now, we have received wide-ranging community support. We have also received funding from various sources including UNBC, the City of Prince George, and the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada. All of this represents support for the topics we address and for the way we invite people from all walks of life to address these topics with us every year.

IWAU offers a wide variety of free public events that are open to all genders and that celebrate women’s contributions to Canadian and global societies. We discuss ways that society can support our female colleagues, friends and family members, as well as other politically marginalized groups and individuals among us.

Previous IWAU themes include:

  • Women, Work, and Allies (2017)
  • Women, Media, and Masks (2016)
  • Women, Science, and Environment (2015)

But I’m Not a Woman…

This event is for you too! While we will be highlighting women and gender, activities will be open to all. We want to explore ways that all of us, men, women, and others, can support women (and other minorities) in academia, arts, media, science, environmental fields, and society.

In the last couple of years, we have also worked hard to support LGBTQ++ events and partnerships, and we help to fund and promote the International Trans Day of Remembrance at UNBC as well.  Such efforts have been very well received by those in attendance, and related organizers, speakers, and groups are now contacting us with ideas for events—so please do the same!

We also take pride in the core content that strong Indigenous leaders provide during IWAU (and all of the time), and we know through participant feedback, that IWAU should continue investing in this way.  Every year, we try to invite new and interesting Indigenous contributors, and also to work with local elders, performers, and others.

This event is open to and needs all kinds of community members!

Volunteer Opportunities

We are currently seeking instructors interested in donating lecture content at UNBC and CNC to focus on gender-related topics during IWAU, as we know that some classes cover such topics, others should, and that some students are too busy with classes and work to find much time to attend IWAU events.

We also originally designed IWAU as an umbrella to help showcase and promote so many of the amazing groups, organizations, facilities, and places linked to gender issues in Prince George. We are grateful for our ongoing and new partnerships with such organizations, and we are always looking for new community contacts, groups and activities to feature.

We also need volunteers, so if you have some time to spare, please visit our Volunteer Sign-up web page, contact us via our Facebook page, or send us an email at