Virtual Desktop at UNBC

VMware View (VDI) allows a connection to your UNBC resources from anywhere internet connectivity is available. The following instructions will guide you through installation of the VMware View Client for your operating system:

UNBC Resources available through this connection:

  • UNBC email account
  • Employees - Network drives (G: & H:)
  • Students - Network drives (S & H)
  • Standard software such as MS Office and Student related software
  • FAST Grade Entry and all other applications blocked from off campus

Once the appropriate client is installed you will be able to connect to your UNBC resources using your UNBC login credentials.

Steps to Login

Step 1
Click on the VMWare Icon from your desktop
VMWare View Client Desktop Icon
Step 2
Click on your default server
Login Step 2
Step 3
UNBC account information
Step 4
Choose your desktop type
Login Step 4