UNBC Network News - Diverse paths off campus and Border Gateway Protocol (BGP)

February 19, 2018

Congratulations to UNBC's Network Team!

As of this morning, UNBC has a fully diverse network pathway (two separate fibre connections from two separate internet service providers using different routes).

This service will mitigate a network disruption to our campus in the event of another loss of service to our main BCNET connection.

This new 100MB TELUS connection will provide emergency Internet connectivity to allow critical information (email, web, etc) to be communicated to our constituents almost seamlessly.

We have been working with our partners, Telus and BCNET, since the wildfire events of last summer to make this happen.

Many thanks go out to UNBC's Network Team and the BCNET network for making this happen.

UNBC is now officially routing traffic through our new WAN routers and will be able to sustain business during a fibre cut.  This is a major step toward disaster recovery at UNBC!

Who’s down with BGP?  UNBC is!

Contact Information

IT Service Desk

Location: Room 8-265 (Prince George campus)
Phone: 250-960-5321
Toll-free: 866-960-5321
Email: support@unbc.ca