Safety and Security Update

January 29, 2019
Man walking

Slips/Trips and Falls – finding your inner penguin.

by Sarah Elliott

The continual flux in weather temperatures this season has all of us channelling our inner penguin as we attempt to navigate the slippery streets and sidewalks. Our Facilities department and contractors are working hard to keep up with the winter weather, but conditions remain icy.

Please keep in mind that even though there may be inches of snow on the ground, there is still a layer of ice hidden underneath, so tread carefully and stick to cleared pathways and crosswalks.

While you do not have to report any slips you may have on campus resulting from the icy conditions we encourage you to report them for two reasons:

  • Reporting the incident alerts Facilities to the issue, allowing them to take preventative measures to help prevent further slips and falls.
  • Although you may not feel that you have sustained a significant injury at the time of the fall, a Musculoskeletal Injury (MSI) may present itself at a later date. If that MSI can be attributed to the fall or slip and you have not reported it, it may compromise or cause delays to your WorkSafe BC claim.

To report an injury sustained at work, visit the UNBC Safety website to access the appropriate forms.  Form 6A needs to be completed by the employee and Form 7 needs to be filled out by your supervisor. Please submit both copies to the Safety Office.

Everyone shares the responsibility for health and safety on campus.  Should you find areas that are slippery or may need further attention, please contact Facilities at extension 26400 or submit a Maintenance Request through the WebTMA system.

Download the UNBC SAFE App to your work and personal mobile devices for quick access to emergency contact information, services, campus safety tips and emergency alerts.