Labour Relations Update

May 8, 2019

by Barb Daigle, Interim Vice-President Finance, People and Business Operations 

News Flash

Earlier this month, the University was informed that the Graduate Teaching Assistants at our campus were being organized by a CUPE local from UBC.  An application went to the BC Labour Relations Board, who conducted a secret ballot vote on April 3, 2019.  The vote was successful and the Graduate Teaching Assistants will now have representation.  We are waiting for instructions from the Labour Board as to next steps.  We will be negotiating a first agreement with these Graduate Teaching Assistants in the near future. Further updates will be forthcoming.

CUPE Bargaining

Bargaining opened with CUPE in March 2019.  The parties have made their opening statements and identified articles they each want opened.  They are making good progress, with constructive conversations.  They are back at the table in May.  The parties are committed to a ratified collective agreement. The Employer representatives are Kerry Roberts, Lisa Haslett, Twyla Hamelin and Danielle Levac. CUPE is represented by Mitch Guitard, Caroline Sewell, Joyce Henley, Debby Foster and Annick Pereira.

Faculty Bargaining

Bargaining is also underway with the Faculty Association.  The parties have exchanged articles.  The primary issue at this round of bargaining is faculty compensation.  The structure of faculty compensation in the current agreement is flawed and over time resulted in our faculty’s salaries being the lowest of our benchmark universities.  The parties are engaged in productive conversations about this and other issues.  The Employer has tabled themes, which include Compensation and Benefits, and Recruitment, with an overarching theme of streamlining processes.   

Barb Daigle, Erik Jensen, Ernie Barber (an external Academic), Jennifer Keryluik, Brittany Smith and Tracy Deck are supporting the Faculty bargaining table for the Employer. The Faculty Association is being represented by Ted Binnema, Jacqueline Holler, Umesh Parshotam, Matt Reid and Donna Sindaco.

We are updating the Labour Relations website on a frequent and as-needed basis.