Residence Life Programming

Living in residence is a very special experience

Residence Life at UNBC encourages residents to get involved in student life outside the classroom. Our Residence Life Programming Model is centered on four major areas: diversity, education, community building and health and wellness.  Based on these areas, the Residence Life Team develops unique programs that engage students, build community and most importantly give them the chance to meet other residents and have fun.

The team likes to keep the buildings busy with events, so there is always something happening!  You can be sure to expect popular programs such as “Healthy Eating 101,” “Resumes and Wings, “Consent and the Law,” and “Video Gaming Nights.”  Attending these events help foster a sense of community and you are sure to meet someone new and make a new friend at each event you attend.  If you would like the opportunity to run a program for your Residence community, please feel free to contact your Floor R.A and tell them of your ideas! It is our goal that through our programming model, students are encouraged to be active, informed and responsible members of their residence community.

Remember – it is up to you to take advantage of the opportunities Residence has to offer, so make the most of your residence experience!