Moving In / Moving Out

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Moving In

We always celebrate Move In day with an awesome BBQ! On this day, Residents will have fun while they get help moving in!

You are also probably wondering -  What should I bring and what should I leave at home?

Each Residence suite is fully furnished with a dining table with chairs, small sofa, coffee table, a captain’s bed, desk, and desk chair.   We suggest that you bring personal items, toiletries, pillows and linens, bath towels, a computer, and other electronics if you wish. You can always pop by UNBC Bookstore to pick up some essentials and things to decorate your room. Don't forget to print out our awesome and important checklist!

Moving Out

Make your Move Out easier by planning ahead!

  • Review the Moving Out section in our Residents Handbook
  • Follow our Suite Cleaning Standards
  • Start planning your packing one month earlier
  • Pack and clean as you go to avoid stress
  • Start spending a few hours a week packing and cleaning
  • Look at things you want to donate or dispose
  • Sort items in a bin for recycling and another for donation (do the trash last )
  • Book your inspection on your move out date
  • Have your keys (suite, bedroom and mail box) as well as parking passes ready for collection
  • Make sure that all furniture (including recycling bags) is in its proper location