About UNBC Residence

Residence is a great place to live!

Located only a minute’s walk away from the main campus, the Residence buildings are home to first year students, returning students, mature students, and graduate students.  We believe the Residences have something for everybody – whether it is the close location to the University, the ability to explore the forest trails behind the Residences, the vast variety of programming developed by our Residence Life Team, or the sense of community – we encourage you to take on the Residence experience.

Residence Community Set Up

At UNBC Residences, residents will most likely live with persons of similar age and living preferences, as indicated on their Housing application. However, we like to create a diverse community where we encourage the interaction of students at all levels of university.  A first year student might live down the hall from a third year student. We believe that this type of community helps create role models and mentoring.  

We also have four different learning living communities: All Female Community, Green Community, Mature Student Community and Academic Intensive Community. These communities are available upon request and are delegated on a first come, first serve basis. Priority to live on the Mature Student Floor is given to students over the age of 21 while students who prefer 23 hours of quiet, 7 days a week, to focus on their studies may prefer the Academic Intensive Floor. The Green Community is ideal for students who are looking to learn more about sustainable practices. You may request these floors on your residence application, or, if you have already submitted an application, e-mail us at housing@unbc.ca to change your preference.

Living in Prince George

Prince George is a city with a small town feel, and a close proximity to the outdoors.  It is a place where one needs to experience the region and explore what this heart-filled community has to offer in order to fully appreciate its beauty. Fortunately, there are plenty of opportunities to experience the region and become involved - for further information, please click here.