Student Research Support

Intake: Ongoing

Our CRC team is engaged in several research projects at UNBC that are seeking talented students who would like to undertake Masters and Doctoral graduate research. Current opportunities include:

On the Move: Employment-Related Geographical Mobility in the Canadian Context

Employment-related geographical mobility entails extended travel and time away from places of permanent residence for the purpose of employment. At UNBC, Greg is the BC Team Lead for this national project.  Our research team is focusing on the impacts of labour mobility for resource sector workers, their families, and host and home communities.  

Project website:

Rural Policy Learning Commons

This new project networks scholars, politicians, researchers, and citizens to share and extend existing research knowledge, increase opportunities to exchange insights, build a cohort of highly qualified researchers and policy analysts, mobilize this knowledge to the wider population, and increase our capacity to develop appropriate policy for rural and northern conditions. At UNBC, our CRC team is participating in three themes, including distance learning, human capital and migration, and infrastructure and services.

Our smart services infrastructure project will identify key benefits and lessons for developing smart, efficient service infrastructure that can enhance the capacity and resiliency of rural and small town places.  Developing an understanding of these lessons is critically important as many organizations and communities respond to ongoing social, economic, and political restructuring with fewer human and financial resources.  

Resource Royalties: Returns to Resource Producing Rural Regions

At UNBC, our CRC team is engaging with our partner Sean Markey (SFU) and several international colleagues to analyze how different resource royalty regimes impact the community and economic development in remote rural resource producing regions. The team includes universities in Canada, Australia, and Norway. The focus is on how national or sub-national governments in collect resource royalties and redistribute these funds back into resource producing regions.

General Information

At UNBC, graduate degrees for geography students include:

  • MA (Natural Resources and Environmental Studies - Geography),
  • MA Interdisciplinary Studies,
  • MSc (Natural Resources and Environmental Studies- Geography),
  • a project based Masters of Natural Resources and Environmental Studies, and
  • an inter-disciplinary PhD degree.

We have had many students who have used their research experiences as an important foundation to develop their careers.  Former research assistants have obtained internships with the Northern Development Initiative Trust or have obtained employment with industry (i.e. Taseko), Northern Health, and various other provincial government positions.