Western Deans' Agreement

Western Dean’s Agreements (WDA)

Each university has its own deadlines - check the host university's website as well as UNBC’S website. The universities will try to expedite the paperwork, but remember - the beginning of term is a very busy time of year.

If you are applying to a Western Deans’ Agreement, it is expected that you submit the completed paperwork a minimum of three (3) weeks prior to the specific deadlines set out by the Host Institution and prior to the start of the semester the course you wish to take is being offered. 
Students from other institutions who are considering taking a course or courses at UNBC under the Western Deans' Agreement should note the following deadlines for the submission of the Western Deans' Agreement and application form:Approvals are required from UNBC and the host institution faculty as well as the Deans’ of both institutions.
If the Western Deans' authorization is not completed before the course begins, you may not be permitted to take the course. Western Dean's Agreement information