Create local solutions with global impact

Sustainable Communities Demonstration Project

The Sustainable Communities Demonstration Project is an investment in technological infrastructure that models a community-based energy system on campus. Integration with expanded teaching and research illustrates how investments in energy, fuelled by local renewable resources, can stimulate economic growth and the self-reliance of communities.

Sustainable Communities Demonstration Project

Contributions from industry and government give northern communities the chance to make renewable energy and environmental sustainability a foundation for the next generation.

Northern Agriculture Programs

Climate change adaptation, a focus on local food security and community-based economic development create opportunities for expansion of agriculture in Northern Canada.

Philanthropy will enhance UNBC’s response to community and producer-driven desires to grow agriculture and agri-food research.

Northern Medical Programs Trust

To help attract and support more health-care education students, UNBC partnered with citizens, industry and local governments to create the Northern Medical Programs Trust (NMPT), an endowment to support students in their pursuit of health education. 

Northern Medical Program Trust

Your contributions will extend the reach and impact of health-care education so UNBC can graduate health leaders equipped to serve Canada’s communities.