9 Easy Steps to Apply to UNBC

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Looking to apply to UNBC? Follow these 9 easy steps to apply today!

October 13, 2020
Happy Students

Hey you. Yeah YOU! Did you know that UNBC applications for September 2021 opened on October 1st? Well now you know! Now, keep reading this post to learn more about how to apply. 

This is such an exciting time for you, and we want to ensure we're here to help every step of the way. Here's a walkthrough to learn more about the application process. Now, if you have any questions throughout the process, don't fret! Just send us an email at futurestudents@unbc.ca and we will be able to help you along the way! 

Let's get started! 

Step One: Visit www.unbc.ca

Step Two: Select the big purple button titled "Apply Now"

Apply Button

Step Three: You will be redirected to EducationPlanner BC. Once redirected, either:

  • Sign Up for EducationPlanner BC or
  • Log In if you already have an account


Step Four: Fill out all prompted questions under 'Update Profile' section. If this is your first time creating a profile, you will be prompted to update your personal information under 'Update Profile.' Do your absolute best to answer as accurately and thoroughly as possible!  

Step Five: When prompted to 'Start Applying to an Institution,' select UNBC. That IS the institution you want to apply to, right? Good. Click that.  

HOT TIP: If you are interested in our Northern Collaborative Baccalaureate Nursing Program, you will want to apply at our partner colleges which are either College of New Caledonia or Coast Mountain College.   

EducationPlannerBC Button 1

Step Six: Complete your application. Fill out any additional details to the questions asked in this section. Questions about your academic interests, academic history and more! Remember, you can browse our programs here: www.unbc.ca/programs

HOT TIP - If you're in high school, enter your self-declared grades. This is an estimate grade percentage you think you'll get in each of your courses. By entering self-declared grades, you can receive provisional admission to your program! Ensure you are entering the correct courses based on your program of interest. Note that your self-declared grades will be used for awards consideration, so be as accurate as you can! 

EducationPlannerBC Button 2

Step Seven: You're almost there! The goal is to make all those bubbles green, and you're on the final one: "Review & Submit." You're going to want to review all the information you've provided, pay your application fee and submit your application!  

NOTE: Domestic Canadian Student application fee is $37.50 CAD / International Student application fee $125 CAD. 

EducationPlannerBC Button 3

Step Eight: Additional Documents: This section is kind of like the final boss. You're THAT close. Have you attempted any post-secondary education? Completed a dual credit course at another institution? Make sure you mail any official transcripts to:

c/o Office of the Registrar 
University of Northern British Columbia 
3333 University Way 
Prince George, BC 
V2N 4Z9 

Step Nine: Hang tight! You've filled out and successfully submitted your application (along with any additional documents to admissions@unbc.ca, if applicable).  

What's next you ask?

Great question! CHECK YOUR EMAIL! If your application is complete and there are no missing documents or information, you will receive an admission decision shortly! If there are any missing pieces of your application, our admissions officers will be in touch with you via email.

Admitted and not sure what's next? Check our UNBC Important Dates and Deadlines

Want to know the status of your application? Email us at futurestudents@unbc.ca or visit us in our drop-in sessions everyday Monday - Friday for any undergraduate program questions you may have. Come chat with us!