Aboriginal Student Admission Requirements

Aboriginal Student Admission Requirements

With over 420 self-declared Aboriginal students, UNBC has the highest Aboriginal student population per capita of all BC research Universities. With many admission categories ranging from high school, transfer to mature, UNBC provides admission information to help you through the application process. 

Foundation Curriculum Program/Northern Advancement Cohort

The Foundation Curriculum Program is an advanced program that helps students fit into a post-secondary environment.

Students will leave the program ready to move into any area of study with a better understanding of programs and career choices. In short, this program introduces students to what we do at a University and provides students with the tools and methods to succeed.

The program consists of three courses in the fall semester, and three courses in the winter semester. This design allows students to take up to two other courses in each term from programs they may wish to explore.

As part of UNBC's new and exciting Foundation Year, the Northern Advancement Cohort is designed to meet the needs of students from Aboriginal and rural communities through unique, supportive and multicultural experiences that will help you feel right at home. 

The team in the First Nations Centre will offer you tutoring, cultural programming, personal counseling, Peer Support, access to community Elders, and the opportunity to participate in many more great events. 

The Northern Advancement Cohort places an emphasis on developing support networks for personal growth, as well as helping students with any personal issues that may arise. 


Some Aboriginal students are eligible for funding through their Registered Band or other Aboriginal organizations. The application procedure & requirements for each sponsoring agency may vary, so please contact them directly. Many funders require an acceptance letter from the University in order to process your application so please check their deadlines and apply to UNBC as soon as possible.