NRESi Colloquium - Phil Burton (Terrace Viewing)

Friday, October 12, 2018 - 3:30pm to 4:30pm
UNBC Terrace Campus (4837 Keith Avenue), Room 112

An NRESi Colloquium Event

Dr. Phil Burton (RPBio, Professor, ESM Program, Chair, Northwest Regional Programs, UNBC)


Opportunities and Challenges in Managing for Forest Resilience

Resilience theory provides a framework for as-sessing and promoting ecosystem persistence and the ongoing provision of ecosystem goods and ser-vices. Threats from a changing climate, altered dis-turbance regimes, invasive pests, the extinction crisis, and shifts in public values suggest it is prudent to conduct vulnerability analysis and adopt risk re-duction strategies. Examples from forests in North America and New Zealand illustrate resistance, recovery, and adaptive pathways, all of which may constitute resilience. Forest thinning, forest diversity, and for-est continuity can promote general forest resilience, but novel and cumu-lative stresses can render them ineffective. Much like considerations of sustainability, evaluating and managing for resilience must identify ‘of what,’ ‘to what’, and ‘over what time frame.’

Three ways to view!
  • UNBC Terrace Campus - Room 112
  • UNBC Prince George Campus - Room 8-164
  • Online - UNBC Livestream

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