Northern Physiotherapy Day 2018

Friday, April 27, 2018 (All day) to Saturday, April 28, 2018 (All day)
UNBC Bentley Centre, UNBC Physiotherapy Plinth Lab
Prince George

The Northern Physiotherapy Day is a continuing professional development (CPD) and information event. Participants can select which sessions they would like to attend.

The professional development event on Friday, April 27 will be led by Callie Bland, with a focus on "Optimizing Communication for Excellence". Objectives include:

  • Apply an evidence-based model to enhance communication-skills for healthcare providers.
  • Recognize common challenging communication patterns that can arise in healthcare-related environments and relationships.
  • Identify and apply the qualities of a learning conversation for the purpose of effective communication with patients and colleagues.
  • Practice applying a structured communication approach to clinically relevant scenarios and cases, utilizing peer and facilitator feedback.
  • Identify and commit to incorporating newly-honed communication skills in one’s own professional environment for the purpose of improved patient and physician/self-satisfaction.

The professional development event on Saturday, April 28 will be led by Dolores Langford, with a focus on "Moving Beyond the 0-10 Pain Scale in Clinical practice". Objectives include:

  • Identify and select appropriate multi-dimensional pain evaluation tools for use in a busy clinical practice.
  • Use these tools to identify pain inputs that can be targeted clinically.
  • Offer an explanation of complex pain to your patients in ways they can understand.
  • Using a case study, provide clinical tools and resources to manage centrally dominant pain.

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