Teaching Talk by Dr. Diana Cordoba, Candidate for Assistant Professor in the Department of Global & International Studies

Wednesday, May 24, 2017 - 11:00am to 11:30am
Lecture Theatre – 7-150
Prince George

The Department of Global & International Studies invites you to attend the following Teaching Talk:

Dr. Diana Córdoba, Candidate

Title: Good Governance and its Implications for International Development

Dr. Diana Córdoba is 1 of 3 candidates for Assistant Professor in the Department of Global & International Studies.

The candidate will give a 30-minute mock lecture.

The following is an abstract of the candidate’s presentation:

The concept of ‘good governance’ has grown in importance during the last two decades. It is widely defined as the exercise of power by various levels of government that is effective, honest, equitable, transparent and accountable. Some see ‘good governance’ as a means through which to impact a variety of outcomes such as economic growth and development and to reduce corruption in poorly governed countries. Yet others argue that it imposes Western liberal models of democracy and introduces political conditions attached to the provision of benefits. Critics also point to its divergent objectives: it means different things to different organizations and to different actors within these organizations. This lecture will introduce students to the concept of ‘good governance’– focusing particularly on its origins, meanings, critiques and implications for international development. Through lecture and discussion, we will situate the origins of the concept of ‘good governance’, as well as the United Nations and World Bank’s role in the initial development and application of the concept. We will then identify and explore some of the definitions and critiques of ‘good governance’ while questioning the re-assertion of the importance of the state in its implementation. Finally, we will consider its impact on international development and discuss alternatives to the ‘good governance’ agenda.

Everyone is welcome!

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