Helping Developers Understand Their Distributed Systems

Friday, January 13, 2017 - 11:30am to 1:00pm
7-212 Lecture Theatre
Prince George
Speaker:  Dr. Ivan Beschastnikh
Department of Computer Science
University of British Columbia

Abstract:  Distributing the state of a software system has numerous advantages: The system becomes more fault tolerant, more scalable, and more available. These advantages come at the cost of complexity. Concurrency, partial failures, and asynchrony make it difficult to design and reason about systems with distributed state. In this talk I will discuss several approaches that my group has been working on to help developers overcome these challenges and to allow developers to gain insight into the runtime operation of their distributed systems. These approaches span several research areas including program analysis and visualization, and we have evaluated the resulting tools on complex and widely used distributed systems. I will demo some of these tools in the talk. 

Light refreshments will be served - Everyone welcome.

Contact Information

Dr. Alex Aravind
Phone: 250-960-5548

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