Systematics of Anopheles mosquitoes in Canada: Discovery of cryptic species (and other interesting mosquito facts)

Friday, January 31, 2014 - 3:30pm to 4:30pm
Prince George

Cryptic species complexes are groups of isomorphic species whose members can usually be distinguished based on traits, such as behaviour, genetics or ecological traits. In Anopheles mosquitoes, these differences are important in terms of the ability to transmit pathogens such as Plasmodium spp., which cause malaria.

In this presentation, I will discuss my examination of the Anopheles species present in Canada using morphological, cytological, ecological and genetic data for evidence of cryptic species.  In addition to speciation, mosquitoes are excellent model organisms in which to study a wide variety of subjects, from cold tolerance to arboviral transmission. 

I will also provide highlights from other recent studies, including the physics behind how insects survive impacts with raindrops when flying in the rain, in an attempt to reveal the more beautiful and interesting aspects of the insects (most) people love to hate.

Contact Information

Dr. Allan Costello,  250.960.5658
Dr. Philippe Henry, 250.960.5424

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