Accessibility feedback

We value your feedback. Share your thoughts and suggestions on how we can improve accessibility at UNBC. Your input helps us create a more inclusive campus. We want to know the specific barriers people face when they are trying to: 

  • Access a UNBC program, building, or information. 
  • Receive a service or support. 

What do we mean by barrier? 

Accessibility is a comprehensive concept used to gauge the degree to which a product, device, service, or environment is available for use by its intended audiences. As outlined on, there are five identified barriers to accessibility for individuals with disabilities. These barriers include attitudinal, organizational or systemic, architectural or physical, information or communications, and technological aspects. For detailed information on each barrier, you can explore

Ways to provide feedback 

Make sure to include: 

  • What you were trying to access 
  • Where the barrier happened and what the barrier was 
  • Any recommendations you might have 

Online form 

Submit your feedback through our online form. 

You can attach files to help explain the barrier you faced in the form, like: 

  • A video 
  • A voice recording 
  • Photos 


Email your feedback to  


Call 250-960-5711 to leave a detailed message.