Challenge Day Two

November 7 - Changing Lives

Break down barriers to students attending UNBC

Many students struggle to attend UNBC. Some are members of marginalized groups, others are coming from rural communities, and many are the first in their family to attend post-secondary. Removing financial barriers allows these students to make those important first steps towards a brighter future.

Giving suggestions:

  • Inspiring Women Among Us Award
  • David Sakawsky Memorial Award
  • Critical Need Award Fund

Your support increases students’ chances for success at university and beyond.

Student Testimonial

Chelsea Dunbar, 4th year NRM Forest Ecology & Management

“Unfortunate circumstances caused me to be a single mother, and as a result I am the sole provider for my two young kids. With rent, daycare, food, diapers, etc it is very hard to make ends meet. Award funds from doors like you make it possible for me to get out of poverty and better myself to create a stable life for my children.”

Champion’s Message

Annie Booth, Professor, Ecosystem Science and Management

“Too many of our UNBC female students struggle to eat, care for kids, take care of a parent AND succeed in school. For every IWAU Award we’ve given out, there are 4 more applicants we did not have funds for. The IWAU Award is meant to support female students become Inspiring Women.  Which is why I support it, and I hope you will too.”

Changing Lives Final Gift Tally

As of Nov 16:

$3,915 gifts + match = $7,830

EVERY employee gift during the Challenge was matched!

Day Two Event

Wednesday Nov 7
11:30am to 1:30pm
Canfor Winter Garden

Employees will enjoy conversation, refreshments, and can enter to win a Bookstore prize pack.