Challenge Day One

Employee Challenge Day 1

November 6 - Timberwolves Athletics

Help our student athletes make the playoffs

Last year, for the first time, ALL FOUR varsity teams made the playoffs! Our Timberwolves are a source of school pride, national recognition, and benefit UNBC’s overall recruitment and retention. Yet Athletics is challenged to stay ahead of the increasing costs of travel, equipment, uniforms and more.

Giving suggestions:

  • Adopt-A-Timberwolf (choose a team)
  • Athletics General

With your contribution, our student athletes will reach new heights.

Student Testimonial

Madison Landry, Timberwolves Basketball, 2nd year Biomedical Studies

“Supporting UNBC Athletics not only helps our student athletes directly with scholarships and travelling costs, but it also supports all of our community involvements such as coaching youth, and gives us more time for training and studying. It is an honour to play for my hometown and represent UNBC all over Canada when we travel.”

Champion’s Message

Steve Simonson, UNBC Men’s Soccer Coach

“UNBC Timberwolves student athletes are highly committed to representing our school in the classroom and in the sports arena. Contributions aid in everything from attracting and retaining quality student athletes, to easing the financial burden of attending school for both local athletes and those coming from around the world.”

2018 Employee Challenge

Timberwolves Final Gift Tally

As of Nov 16:

$18,374 gifts + match = $36,748

EVERY employee gift during the Challenge was matched!

Day One Event

Tuesday Nov 6
11:30am to 1:30pm
Canfor Winter Garden

Employees will enjoy conversation, refreshments, and can enter to win a Bookstore prize pack.