Challenge Committee

2017 Employee Challenge committee

The 2018 UNBC Employee Challenge is organized by volunteer committee members April Tod, Jennifer Young, Todd Whitcombe, and Bill McGill (pictured l to r). With the support of the Office of University Advancement, this committee planed, promoted, and ran the Employee Challenge.

2018 Employee Challenge

Why Committee Members Give

Bill McGill
Acting Director, Special Projects
Professor, Ecosystem Science & Management Program

Why do Alice and I give? (1) UNBC has treated us well and giving is a way for us both to say ‘thank you’ for that and to support things at UNBC that are important to us. (2) Our feeling of belonging to (being part of, community with) UNBC is strengthened by helping to support its students and keep it strong. (3) It makes us feel good.

April Tod
Student Advisor

My family and I give to UNBC as a way to acknowledge and give back to a community that has (and continues to) be a defining part of all of our lives.  In addition to being a proud alumni, I have had the privilege of assisting students in my various roles in Recruitment and Advising for over a decade. I am consistently amazed at the strength, ingenuity, perseverance and potential of our students, and am proud to contribute to support their goals.

Todd Whitcombe
Chair, Chemistry, Environmental Science, and Environmental Engineering

Having taught many students at UNBC, I can appreciate both the students who would like their excellence acknowledged through scholarships and students who are struggling because of financial need. I feel it is important to support all of our students in their quest to obtain an education.

Jennifer Young
Year 3-4 Program Manager, Northern Medical Program

I choose to donate to UNBC because this institution means a great deal to me. I have lived, worked, studied, played and volunteered on this campus since 1996. For me, it truly is a part of my life. I am proud to say that I am a graduate of UNBC and wear my green and gold colours with pride. I donate because I believe in the strength and potential of this institution and its positive impact on Northern BC.