Farmers, Farmers Markets, and Land Use Planning

Case Studies in Prince George and Quesnel 
The purpose of this project was to study the relation between farmers, farmers markets, and land use planning in order to improve our understanding of land use planning issues and of key factors that contribute to the development of farmers markets as part of a local food industry.  The long-term goal is to use this information to help build the capacity of local food systems in BC communities.  The project focussed on case studies of the Prince George Farmers’ Market and the Quesnel Farmer’s Market.  The research was completed between January and March 2007.  Several objectives guided the project:
  • To document the history, development, present state, and future goals of each farmers market;
  • To develop a profile of farmers selling their produce at the market, as well as vendors involved with non-timber forest products; 
  • To examine relations among farmers, farmers markets, and land use planning;
  • To identify, prioritise, and discuss land use planning issues related to farmers, farmers markets, and local food systems; and, 
  • To recommend policies for improving agriculture land use management decision-making and problem solving at the local and regional levels.