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Over the past couple of weeks, Sodexo’s staff have been cleaning with a heightened focus on all touch surfaces. Sodexo is using an Ecolab Neutral Disinfectant as well as a Peroxide Disinfectant all-surface cleaner to disinfect all surfaces. Particular attention is being paid to high touch surfaces such as railings, doors & handles/push bars, light and elevator switches, classroom desks and ledges etc.

Staff have been further trained on procedures to ensure they are refreshing the cloths used in their disinfectant bucket to ensure a refresh of disinfectant on the cloths. They are changing their buckets several times during their shift and using fresh cloths when moving from one room to another to help with infection control. They have also been trained to leave the surface area damp so that the disinfectant has more contact time with the surface and is allowed to air dry.

The schedule for janitorial services has been altered temporarily to have an increase in staff during the day. We have pulled some janitors off their regular rounds to focus 100% on disinfecting common area public surfaces and the afternoon shift has been extended by 2 hours for the next couple days. Some areas that are normally cleaned daily have had / will have reduced services during this time. We continue to ensure washrooms are deep cleaned daily/nightly and common areas are attended to.