International students

Questions and answers

If I can't attend UNBC this Spring because of the COVID-19 ​outbreak, what happens to my Letter of Acceptance?

UNBC will issue new Letters of Acceptance for the Fall term, 2020.

If I am a current UNBC student and I can't attend the Spring term because of COVID-19, what happens to my study permit?

No problem, your study permit will remain valid, so long as you ensure it does not expire. Because this is a scheduled break, you can work full-time during this break. More study permit details. ​

I applied for my study permit, but because of COVID-19 it has not been issued. What should I do?

The Government of Canada has given special consideration to this. Please see here for detailed information on the measures being taken to help you:

I want to defer my start date to September. What do I need to do?

If you wish to defer your application to September 2020, please send a request to indicating your wish to defer and we will accommodate your request and waive the deferral fee. In the subject line please clearly state that you want to defer and include your student number. Please use your UNBC email for all communication with UNBC. 

What will happen to my deposit if I decide to defer to the September term?

Your deposit will remain on your account. You do not need to do anything.

What will happen to my deposit if I decide to not study at UNBC because of the Covid-19 outbreak?

UNBC will cancel your Letter of Acceptance and then notify Immigration, Citizenship and Refugees Canada that your letter of acceptance has been cancelled. Your deposit would then be refunded. Please see here for other questions about deposits and refunds  You would need to re-apply for admission at UNBC and apply for your study permit should you decide to study at UNBC in the future. However, we recommend admitted students to defer their admission. 

Will I need to self-quarantine when I come to Canada?

Yes. All visitors to Canada currently must self-isolate for 14-days. This requirement is current as of March 23, 2020. Please see here for more information

I am a visiting researcher, or research student coming in May. If there is no spring term, what should I do?

Please contact the faculty member who invited you for information.

Because this term’s courses have been moved online, how does this impact my study permit and future Post-Graduate Work Permit application?

Due to the exceptional circumstances, there will be no impact to the terms and conditions of your study permit for this term. According to IRCC, “Courses of study being delivered online on an exceptional basis due to COVID 19 will not affect Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) Program eligibility.”