Regional Campuses

Want information about your ceremony?

All the same forms will be required from regional graduands. Please review the information on Applications, Checklist, Fees, Parchments, and Student FAQ.

Please note that information on Ceremony and Guests found on the website are specific to the Prince George campus.


Each Regional Campus organizes their own Celebration of Graduates, and bring a unique perspective to the formal occasion. Although the official program from the Prince George ceremony includes all the regional graduates' names, and each regional program is included, the Celebration of Graduates for each regional campus are distinct.

For particular instructions about your Celebration of Graduates, please contact your respective campus.

You may want to participate in ceremonies at multiple campuses, or at a campus you did not attend as a student (i.e. coming to Prince George if you studied in Quesnel). We welcome you to do so, just make sure you let us know ahead of time using the RSVP form. You may only be officially conferred in one ceremony, so if you receive a parchment at the Prince George campus and also want to go to another ceremony, you will receive a 'fill in' parchment at your second appearance unless you provide the campus with your parchment ahead of time. For more details please contact the Convocation Office: or call 250-960-6304.

Bachelor of Social Work - Class of 2017 (Quesnel campus)


The Communications Department will take some large group photos in each region, as well as select individual photos for marketing and promotional purposes. Individual portrait photography is not included. Graduates should contact the official graduation photographer to see if portrait sessions will be available in your region.