Ceremony Instructions



Students are required to register at the Bentley Centre two hours prior to their ceremony start time - see schedule for ceremony times

  • Valid ID will be required to register.
  • You will receive a processional card with your processional order number and name.
  • If you anticipate your name being pronounced incorrectly, please check with the volunteer in the gowning area on how to write your name phonetically on the processional card.
  • Do not lose this card! It is used to call your name during the ceremony.
  • Proof of payment is required to take a hold off your parchment.
  • Be dressed in your gown and hood - there will be volunteers to assist you position your hood.

Processional Line-Up

Line-up in order of number and degree 1 hour prior to the ceremony start time. The Graduate and Student Marshals will be there to assist you.

  • There will be two lines, one on each side of Student Services Street.
  • Find your degree sign, and place yourself between the most adjacent numbers (in order).
  • Your order of appearance is dictated by the processional cards.
  • You MUST therefore remain in your own line and in your correct position in that line.

NOTE: Graduands attending the CSAM ceremony will have your Class Photo taken prior to the procession.


In good weather, the two processional lines will follow the Marshals through the Agora courtyard, up the ceremonial stairs, break lines and go around the ceremonial loop, and come a back together to line up at the Northern Sports Centre (NSC), side Fieldhouse entrance.

In inclement weather, the processional line-up will occur in the Fieldhouse rather than Student Services Street, so there will be no official procession to the NSC.

The graduands will be lead into the gymnasium by the Marshals, and directed to the proper seats. Remain standing until directed to sit by the Chancellor or President.


Your ceremony will take approximately 2 hours. The basic ceremony structure is as follows:

  • Various welcomes
  • Chancellor's remarks
  • President's remarks
  • Various greetings
  • University Excellence Awards
  • Governor General Awards
  • Honorary Degree citation and address
  • Conferral of Degrees (crossing the stage)
  • Valedictorian address
  • Alumni President's address

Crossing the Stage

When the conferring of degrees is to commence, successive rows of candidates will be directed to rise and follow the Marshal to the platform.

  • Stop at the Parchment Table on your way to the stage to receive your parchment.
  • Move to stand at the top of the stairs until directed to move on stage beside the Orator.
  • Hand your processional card to the Orator, who will read your name.
  • As your name is read out, proceed across the stage.
  • Artona Photography will take a walking shot of you crossing the stage so do NOT stop to pose. Additional information about Convocation day photography can be found on our Photography page.
  • Shake hands with the Dean and Chair of the Alumni Council, at which time you are presented with an alumni pin.
  • Descend the stairs stage left, and only pause for a photograph at the designated photography pit area if directed by family and friends, then promptly return to your seat.

After the Ceremony


The order of the recession is as follows:

  • Platform Party
  • Faculty
  • Graduates
  • Guests
CASHS (morning ceremony)
  • Immediately following the ceremony, graduates recess back to the Ceremonial Stairs in the Agora for the official class photo.
  • Please meet your family and friends in the Agora after the photo, where you can enjoy the Graduation Celebration.
  • Return your regalia to the UNBC Bookstore, with student card or receipt.
CSAM (afternoon ceremony)
  • Please meet your family and friends on established paths or grass areas outside the NSC to avoid congestion and safety issues.
  • Return your regalia to the UNBC Bookstore, with student card or receipt.


Personal Items
  • Leave personal items, such as purses and coats, with your guests (still need ID for registration).
  • Wear low-heeled/comfortable shoes.
Late Graduands
  • Any graduands who arrive late (less than 10 minutes before the start of ceremony) will be placed at the back of the lines out of processional order.
  • The late graduand will cross the stage out of order and will not receive their parchment on stage.
  • The late graduand will have to pick up their parchment at the main desk of the NSC after the ceremony is over (ID will be required).