Wildlife Danger Tree Assessor Certificate: Forest Harvesting and Silviculture Module

Wildlife Danger Tree Assessor

This two-day classroom and field course trains participants to identify wildlife trees and assess steps necessary to ensure worker safety and habitat protection when operating around wildlife/dangerous trees. Upon successful completion of this course, participants will be able to identify potential habitat, determine which trees are safe and dangerous in various settings, determine if dangerous trees should be removed or modified, and establish no-work zones. This process is applicable to all work activities in forested settings including harvesting (especially relevant to partial cutting where various group retention, shelterwood or individual tree retention systems are employed), silviculture, and roads. This certification is recognized by WorkSafe BC. On successful completion of the two-day course, the certified assessor will be competent in the following outcomes.

On successful completion of the two-day course, the certified assessor will be competent in the following outcomes.

Students will learn to:

• Identify important attributes of wildlife /danger trees
• Assess trees for their potential as wildlife habitat
• Assess trees for their failure potential
• Make appropriate safety decisions regarding assessed trees

***All Danger Tree Assessor Certificates are offered in locations throughout British Columbia. Visit the link below to find a course in your region and sign up via our online registration system. Courses can be found under the "Wildlife Danger Tree" subcategory.***

Course Requirements

Please bring the following equipment to class: Hard hat; high visibility vest; six-ring binder field book; outdoor appropriate clothes and footwear. Suggested equipment: Increment borer or sharp probing tool (screwdriver), clinometer, binoculars, diameter tape.

Course Prerequisites

Three or more years of post-secondary experience working in the fields of forestry operations, habitat biology, parks management, arboriculture, transportation safety management, occupational health and safety, or wildland fire. Ability to calculate percentages. Knowledge of native tree species identification. ** Wildlife/danger tree assessor certificates are valid for a 4 year period. To continue working as an assessor the certificate must be renewed no later than the expiry date printed on the card and letter**



Full course: $455
Recertification: $410