Visual Facilitation Workshops

visual facilitation learning

Visual (or Graphic) Facilitation is the method of using imagery to lead groups or individuals towards a goal. With Continuing Studies you can now discover various processes for integrating visual facilitation into your business, organization, or team to achieve effective communication.

*Two one-day workshops with the option for learners to attend both workshops, or just the Day One offering.*

Day One: "Visual Systems & Process Mapping"

Develop skills around visual systems and design thinking, and determine new ways of visually representing information for the purposes of communicating, teaching, facilitating, engagement, thinking and planning. Work on your own projects, and leave this course with hands-on skills and tools to apply immediately. The main goal "Visual Systems & Process Mapping" course is to shift from linear and sequential lines of communication (speaking and hearing, reading and thinking) to a way of hearing and seeing content in relationship to "the whole picture".

Learning Outcomes:
• Familiarity with models to visually structure conversations, concepts, projects and processes
• Scoping specific projects through the visual process and design lens – real world applications
• Synthesize, organize and translate information into visual templates or processes for groups

Day Two: "Speaking in Pictures"

Designed to help individuals to literally “speak in pictures”, so they can learn and practice skills for making thoughts, dialogue, systems and concepts, into visual representations. The instructor will work with students to build their understanding of visual facilitation regardless of where each student is entering this practice. The main goal of this course is to optimize the creative potential of students as communicators, thinkers and facilitators by helping them acquire new levels of proficiency in visual literacy, so they are able to think and speak using space, colour, size, composition, structure, movement and energy.

Learning Outcomes:
• A unique visual alphabet/lexicon of symbols to use in your work
• Improved meeting design with graphics and graphic elements, customizing and creating graphic templates
• Tips and tricks to make meetings more effective with creativity and visual elements
• Subtle sense development: ability to draw the energy beneath your symbols
• Self Knowledge: exploring assumptions, biases, abilities and beliefs to know who exactly is “present” and what influences we have on the meetings we lead



“Speaking in Pictures was informative and inspiring. It allowed me to explore ideas around how drawing might enhance a discussion or support learning initiatives. Having a chance to get our pens to play with some of these ideas ourselves, with the support of Kristina and fellow students, was a great experience.” - Student
“Highly valuable skills learned today. I can use it anywhere and everywhere. It’s not limited to meetings/ conferences. It can be great for brainstorms, reflective journals, and helpful for analyzing and dissecting problems and conflicts.” - Student
“There was a lot of practical teaching through experiential activities that led to immense learning. The activities were dynamic, and complimented each other and the content. She is a seasoned professional who can troubleshoot and respond to any question you have. She also knows the field very well, and recommended endless resources to use. ” - Student