The Town That Got Lost - Anyox Exploration

anyox ghost town tour
This unique two-day tour visits the remote and historic mining town of Anyox. We have special permission to explore this exclusive location on B.C.’s North Coast. The remoteness and history of this fabled town will amaze even those without an interest in the eerie past of these boom and bust communities. Often referred to as the “The Town that got Lost,” Anyox was once a thriving mining town that had over 3000 residents in 1914. It has now been uninhabited for the past 80 years but what remains in this ghost town is truly amazing! Remnants of Canada’s once largest dam, the Anyox Powerhouse, coke plant, steam plant, concentrator, smelter stacks, old railway cars, general store, cemetery, red-light district, golf course and more will keep us busy for both days of the trip. We are also fortunate to be able to spend the night in this historic and eerie ghost town.

Highlights include:
• Be one of the few people to visit the Anyox Dam, Powerhouse and more!
• Explore the gravestones of the 100-year-old Anyox Cemetery.
• Learn and experience the history of Anyox.
• Access to one of BC’s most remote Ghost Towns.
• Overnighting in one of BC’s most exclusive ghost towns.
• Boating down majestic Observatory inlet.


Tour Plans

Your trip starts with an early morning departure from Terrace, BC where we will drive through the heart of the Nass Valley. Enroute we will pass the Nass Valley Lava Beds to the coastal village of Gingolx. At this village we will meet our boat and captain who will take us into Observatory Inlet on the way to the once booming town of Anyox. All transportation, touring, meals and accommodation are included. Don’t miss this opportunity to explore one of BC’s most inaccessible ghost towns!

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