Time Management Workshop

effective time management

The Time Management Workshop instructs participants the indispensable skill of effective time management.

This one-day workshop helps prepare you to manage your time effectively, giving you tools and resources to develop different techniques for managing your day so that you can accomplish your most important goals.

Learn how to get more done in the shortest time possible and avoid the obstacles and distractions that can get in the way of good time management. This course provides practical techniques for identifying key time wasters, boundary setting, handling interruptions and maximizing productivity. Participants are instructed to incorporate these techniques into their daily activities by setting goals, writing out and developing a daily action plan that promotes focus, discipline, and creativity.

Topics include:
• Self-Assessment of Daily Time-Usage
• Understanding Prioritization
• Scheduling Tools
• Avoiding Distractions
• Changing Reactive to Proactive
• Learning to Say No (nicely)
• Managing Overload
• Developing a Personal Plan
• Evaluating Your Progress

Learning Outcomes:
  • Discover a range of time management tools and techniques
  • Develop meaningful goals and objectives
  • Evaluate your own use of time and identify areas for improvement
  • Establish priorities