Self-Care Mindfulness Relaxation

The Self-Care Mindfulness Relaxation course offers participants mindfulness-based stress reduction strategies including grounding and breathing techniques, mind-body awareness, mindfulness skills, and relaxation strategies. This is a hands-on interactive course that teaches you to integrate these lessons into your everyday life.

Topics include:

  1. Stress: response, symptoms, warning signs and coping strategies
  2. Mindfulness: what it is, essential components, philosophy, strategies, how to integrate into daily life
  3. Cognitive Behavioural Strategies (CBT): awareness of thoughts & patterns; strategies to stop, challenge, and shift your thinking
  4. Self-Compassion: key components; self-compassion template & resources, and related visualizations
  5. Gratitude: how it works, how to build daily practice, strategies, and techniques

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn practical skills to reduce tension, stress, anxiety, depression and physical ailments
  • Develop self-awareness, mood & energy regulation, and resiliency
  • Improve self-care and coping strategies
  • Develop and foster deeper, safer, and more trusting relationships
  • Improve sleep and cognitive functioning (i.e., clear thinking, problem solving, decision making, memory and decision making)
  • Improve mood and energy levels
  • Increase overall sense of well-being
Prince George
Fall 2019
Date & Time:
22 Oct 2019 to 26 Nov 2019
  • Tuesday, 5:25pm - 7:00pm
Instructor: Price:
Plus tax