Powerful Presentations

presentation skills

Powerful Presentations is a workshop that teaches participants principles for creating good presentations and techniques for delivery.

All powerful presentations start with the right preparation. This workshop teaches you to identify the purpose for preparing your oral presentation, understanding your audience and organizing it for impact.

Course discussions include techniques for gaining and keeping audience attention, building audience rapport using verbal signposts, positive nonverbal messages, and visual aids. Tips for designing an impressive computer presentation and preparing and using the slides are uncovered. Finally, you will learn what to do before your presentation, during your presentation and after your presentation.

Topics include:
• Getting Ready for an Oral Presentation
• Building Audience Rapport Like a Pro
• Planning Visual Aids
• Designing an Impressive Slide Presentation
• Polishing Your Delivery and Following Up

Learning Outcomes:
  • Plan your presentation
  • Develop content
  • Prepare for your presentation
  • Deliver your presentation with style
  • Take your skills to the next level