Power Saw Operator (PSO) Safety

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This two-day workshop focuses on effective bucking technique, safe chainsaw operation, and maintenance basics. Taught by a Worksafe certified faller and faller supervisor, this course will spend equal time in the classroom and field. While in the field, students will have to demonstrate safe and effective bucking while supervised by the instructor. This training is recommended for those working in silviculture, wildland firefighting, and forest operations. It is also excellent training for graduate students and faculty who conduct field-based research as well as homeowners and those who own rural properties.

Other items to note:
• Students are issued a Power Saw Operation and Safety Training Ticket that is good for 4 years
• Students must bring Government issued ID with them to the course

Learning Outcomes

  • Students will learn about personal protection requirements
  • Students will learn about chainsaw parts, function and operation
  • Students will learn chainsaw maintenance procedures and safe bucking procedures and techniques
  • Demonstrate safe and effective bucking procedures and techniques
  • Demonstrate proper chainsaw operation and maintenance through a written and practical exam
Prince George
Summer 2019
Date & Time:
29 Jul 2019 to 30 Jul 2019
  • Monday & Tuesday, 8:30am-4:30pm

Course Requirements

Students must bring their own Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): steel toed boots, chaps, hard hat/face screen, and ear protection. Students must also provide their own transportation to the field site.


Day 1 - Classroom Sections

1) Introduction 2) Safety & Personal Protective Equipment Overview 3) How to handle a chainsaw safely 4) Basic Maintenance Check 5) Equipment and Accessories 6) Chain Sharpening 7) Fuelling 8) Operating a chainsaw (starting, bucking and limbing) 9) and Written Exam.

Day 2 - Field Session

1) Exam review 2) Safety recap 3) Field demonstration and practice (starting, bucking and limbing) 4) Field Exam and Assessment